Artistry Values

Frank Berry Ministries, Inc. sets out the following artistry values that will encourage our artists and musicians to stand firm, without compromise,  remaining pure vessels of ministry:

  • The role of music and art in ministry: "Our songs are not set out to please the heart of man but to reveal the heart of God."
    Often times songs are an expression of life experiences. It's a way of becoming transparent with your audience and allowing others to see your heart and what causes you to be the way you are. To us nothing is more powerful than seeing how an anointed song can captivate a person's passion and usher an audience into a holy moment. We know that the only way to lead others into the presence of God is to spend time soaking in His presence ourselves.  As a result, God blesses us with good music that has a current sound and meaningful lyrics. It opens people up to receive demonstrations of the Spirit's power. Listeners will find songs taking on new meanings and becoming keys to opening and shutting doors in the spirit realm. Instead of being approached about one's talent, it is more rewarding to hear comments such as, "That song touched my heart - could you pray with me?" Our heart's desire is that our music will be used as a tool to take the listener to deeper and deeper levels of His glory.

  • The role of the artist in the local church: "The Lord uses artists and musicians within the local church to draw people to Himself."
    True worship leaders usher people into the presence of God.  They teach people how to worship, giving them an outlet to release their heartfelt adoration for the Father.  Other forms of artistry, such as banners, dance, and prophetic painting allow people full expression of their love and praise, as well as being tools He uses to speak to His children.  We believe that a local church is a place where God releases His nature through arts and music for the encouragement of the body of Christ.  

  • Entertainment and communication: "We do our best to strive for excellence in our ministry presentation while being sensitive to the Holy Spirit."
    We have learned that there is a greater anointing when our ministry presentation is free flowing as opposed to a pre-planned agenda. The audience is much more responsive, resulting in a true worship experience. Daily pressure, fear, and other distractions can hinder worship and rob people of the joy of becoming a part of a corporate worship service. Our responsibility is to help tear down any walls of resistance, releasing healing and freedom.  With the power of the Holy Spirit, it is our intention to take the audience from watching to participating.  No Spirit-led form of worship is quenched or hindered.  It is crucial that people not leave the same way they arrived.

  • Financial support for artists and musicians: "Wherever God guides He provides."
    Our responsibility is to seek God for the provision of the financial needs it takes to operate this ministry. We believe that these needs will be met through honorariums, love offerings, donations and the sale of our products (tapes/CDs, T-Shirts, etc.). Ministry time is very valuable and shouldn't be spent sponsoring fundraisers to support the ministry; therefore, we will rely on God to supply our needs through the means mentioned above. Additional revenues may be generated from conferences/crusades promoted by our ministry for the purpose of fulfilling our mission.

  • Lifestyle of artists and musicians: "Become Jesus with skin on."
    We are called as believers to take on the likeness of God.  A life exhibiting the character of God is much more important than our gifts and sacrifices. It is not the outward appearance that pleases God, but the condition of our hearts. In all things, we desire our acts and attitudes to be in His image, demonstrating love, joy, peace, gentleness, self-control, longsuffering, kindness, and faithfulness. We want our audiences to be able to look at us and witness "authenticity." It's important that we're real in our walk with the Lord everyday not just on Sundays or before an event. 

  • Social Conscience of artists and musicians: "A Christian gathering is a place for connecting.  It's an opportunity for nurturing, sharing, fellowship, and just plain fun."
    Too often people's idea of a "Christian gathering" is fixed and formal, full of rules and structure -- uninviting.  It is our goal to create free and welcoming atmospheres that draw people from all walks of life.  We want the freedom and the joy of the Lord to be so prevalent in our gatherings that they become socially relevant, meeting people where they are.  Society is searching for something real, a place to belong.  When they don't feel welcomed by the church, they look to the world, too often resorting to things that create chaos in their lives. Our goal is to help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.  They find a family, which will break down defenses, allowing for the truth to be shared in love.  Many will find their true identity, an identity found only in Christ.