Guiding Values

Frank Berry Ministries, Inc. sets out the following guiding values that will help filter decision-making:

  • Doctrinal differences in Christianity:
    Although there are many different doctrines in Christianity, we strongly believe that the Bible should be the basis for all teaching. It is the bottom line. If any doctrine differs from the Word of God, this ministry will not support it. Doctrine may serve as the policy or guideline for various organizations but it should be developed based on the Bible, not personal opinion. We do not believe that only one organization is correct and all others are wrong.  It is important to study the Word of God for yourself and be able to support your statements with scripture.

  • The goals of Christian gatherings:
    The goal of a Christian gathering is creating an atmosphere where people can come and find freedom, truth, and spiritual renewal. They should feel a sense of belonging without any pressure. It should not be a place that is not bound by religious practices, but an environment where God is exalted and those who believe in Him are edified. These gatherings create an atmosphere of corporate worship where a person's life becomes worship to the Lord.

  • Counseling, invitations, and altar calls:
    Our goal is to show those who are lost and hurting that they are not bound to a life of hopelessness or despair, but through Jesus Christ their hearts and minds can be transformed, bringing hope, healing, and destiny.  We recognize that God's love is perfect and soothes all discomfort. As believers, we are determined to share this great message to all.  Altar calls will provide an opportunity for people to receive personal ministry.  During these times, we fully expect to see the miraculous power of God heal, deliver, and save.  We recognize that issues may arise at the altar that need additional time and counsel.  It's important that an individual be able to discuss these issues openly and honestly in a private setting.  We are committed to seeing that each of these individuals receives the ministry they need.  If we can't provide it, we will connect them with those who have the ability and calling on their lives to meet their needs.

  • Promotion / opportunities:
    Daily routines can easily become rich and satisfying new opportunities. As God sees our faithfulness to follow through, we believe He promotes His people and trusts them with much more. Each moment of every day is a new opportunity for us to discover more of God's blessings in our lives. We should look at our daily routines as steps toward our goals -- doorways to opportunities, promotions, and new adventures. These new adventures are available to all God's children who have the courage to step out in faith.  It's our choice to be obedient and not limit ourselves by old patterns of thinking. We strongly believe that each day we need to stretch beyond the goals we obtained the day before.

  • Salvation:
    Salvation is a package deal that includes many benefits. Upon accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we are saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, and made whole. These benefits are available to every believer. Through the prayer of faith, we have the right to expect these truths to be manifested in accordance to God's word every time.  

  • Loving Others:
    The love of God brings compassion for all mankind. Helping others in a time of need is an example of compassion and love. We seek every opportunity to show this love toward others both near and far.  We have come to realize that the more we receive the Father's love, the more capacity we have to love others.

  • Forgiveness:
    This ministry will operate in the realm of forgiveness. It is our practice to detach ourselves from any negative memories. We make the first step toward complete forgiveness by releasing the past. The past will not keep us from new beginnings. It's our goal to allow the spirit of forgiveness to operate within us. We will serve as an example to others that forgiveness brings healing and release from those things that keep us in bondage.