Operational Values

Frank Berry Ministries, Inc. sets out the following operational values that are essential to our identity, defining what this ministry is all about:

  • Seed: "We are committed to sowing the Word of God everywhere we go."
    This means:  Regardless of where we are or what we're taking part in, our words and actions will reflect Christ.

  • Faithfulness: "We are committed to remain faithful in the few as well as the many."
    This means:  We're determined to give of ourselves wholeheartedly in the small tasks as well as the large. We honor God in all that we do.

  • Benevolence: "We are committed to responding to the needs of others."
    This means:  If there's a need and we're capable of meeting that need, consider it done.

  • Diligence: "We are committed to exploring ways to meet the needs of others in a timely manner."
    This means:  We address the present circumstances and don't allow them to be placed on the "back burner."

  • Unity: "We are committed to working together as one unit."
    This means:  We seek out relationships where we can learn and grow together.

  • Development: "We are committed to equipping others for the work of the ministry."
    This means:  We take a hands-on approach in preparing others for their ministry.

  • Order: "We are committed to operating in an organized and structured method."
    This means:  Nothing slips through the cracks, which allows us to have a better grasp on the ministry.