Zambia, Africa

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Zambia, Africa
Missionary: Joel Rath

Partnering with Overland Missions Ministry, Joel Rath is committed to serving the people in Zambia. His heart is to reach the un-reached people with love and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the next two years Joel will be traveling from hut-to-hut evangelizing, building relationships, identifying key leaders, leading and starting bible studies, and playing a part in leading short term evangelistic expeditions. It's evident that Joel's heart is to not just see the lost saved and set free but to stay with them and lay down his life for them until they become mature, fruitful men and women of God. His heart is not just converts.

"So many of the people have never heard of Jesus and if they have it was in a cultish abomination of the Gospel where tribal beliefs of witch doctors putrefy the message. These people, descendants of Adam, are lost in darkness with no light or hope until the good news of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection comes in and gives life and purpose. I will be fulfilling the great commission and will be a worker for the coming harvest of God," said Joel.

Through involvement with Sons and Daughters of Destiny, a ministry arm of Frank Berry Ministries, Joel undertook mentorship that provided a source of truth and wisdom and has come to reference Frank Berry as a spiritual father.

"To see Joel walk in God's purpose for his life is rewarding and it's our intentions to continue to support him spiritually and financially," said Frank Berry.


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