The Watchmans Cry

The Watchman's Cry is a mobilized arm of Frank Berry Ministries, Inc.  It is lead by a team of dedicated warriors who travel to various locations for the purpose of releasing a great move of God.  Our goal is to seek the Lord as a group, discern His will and purpose, and to come into agreement with that purpose. 

Because there is such an agreement and oneness within a single room, we can see the barriers between heaven and earth fall away and His will manifest.  When this happens, people are healed, set free, saved, and empowered.  They are touched by God.  What we see in these meetings is the fingerprint of God's presence, an impression that is life impacting long after the gathering has ceased.  This type of ministry is home-based in nature. If you desire to encounter such an outpouring of God within your home, visit the "Scheduling & Booking" page.