Have you ever gone through a drought in your life where nothing seems to be producing? At your breaking point, you cried out: "God, where is the rain?" I want to share a revelation that the Holy Spirit recently revealed.

Rain is symbolic of a heavenly downpour and when turned on things grow or produce. It's a necessity; otherwise, things can become weak to the point of dying. I pray that this message will inspire and prepare you for a cloudburst.

If we take a look at the manner in which God triggered the condensed moisture of the atmosphere, we can see the code in which He used to loose precipitation on earth. This becomes the encryption in bringing transformation. It sets forth a process that will work if adhered to.

We see that God formed man out of pre-existing material (Gen. 2:7) that stemmed from the ground in which he was assigned to cultivate; however, the Lord God had not sent rain upon the earth (Gen. 2:5). In the next verse, you can see that something changed. There was a "shift" that caused heaven to respond. Are you ready for this? You are about to break open the code that brings forth the rain in your life. Prepare for growth!

In Genesis 2:6 (NASB), it states: "But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground." Here, we see ascension from earth to heaven and not from heaven to earth; therefore, the ground activated what was needed. A vapor rose from God's creation that went back to the Father and heaven responded.


Are you waiting on God or is God waiting on you? That is truly the question. As for me, it's the latter part. God is waiting for his creation to send forth a vapor (worship) that will cause Him to respond. The droplets of rain could be just worships away. I'm quickly reminded that it took a prophet to hear the sound of rain from a period of drought; therefore, as a prophet of God I say to you- "I hear the abundance of rain! It's time for worship. It's time to activate the heavens."

I hear the Spirit of the Lord say- "many are waiting for the heavenly downpour and crying out to Me- God, where are you and I'm responding to them where are you? Don't be deceived into thinking that I have turned away from you or chose not to listen. I hear ever prayer that you released with faith but My children must understand that they are in a season of activation. You can have what you say if it's aligned with My will. I say to you don't just expect but activate. The words are in your mouth to see the manifestation of My faithfulness."

-Frank Berry, Frank Berry Ministries