Today, I was given a vision. There was a straight road and at the end of the road was Jesus Himself and along the sides of the street was a variety of entertainment. There were neon lights and other decor set in place to capture the attention of the travelers. Now, what possibly could this mean? Hang on, you'll see.

Isn't it interesting to see how Jesus was worshipped in the midst of a Pharisee? (see Luke 7:35-50) Keep in mind that the Pharisees represented a large religious group who were about keeping the law. Because they were self-righteous that opened the door to a judgmental attitude. This type of lifestyle does not portray the characteristics of Jesus. So, why would Jesus willingly go sit down with such a person? I really wanted to know, so I inquired of the Lord who in turn stated that it was important to show what true worship was all about.

When you are a true worshiper, you are not going to be hindered because of your surroundings. Could these hindrances symbolize the entertainment referenced in the opening paragraph? I believe so. If you prefer, call them distractions. These are the neon lights and other decor that cause you to pull over from your journey and observe. Sadly, many people dwell in this place because it's feeding the "soul". This is where our mind, feelings, desires, moods, will, decisions, etc. reside. Too often, this is where man falls and becomes separated from God. By the way, Pharisee means "separate."

As a true worshiper, you will bypass the religious, the spectators, and the negative talkers. You will pass through the distractions (Pharisees) that tend to separate you from God. You will remain steadfast because your eyes are focused on the end of the road where Jesus awaits. What's at stake for you? Is it humiliation? Is it fear of man? As for me, neither applies. I have come to know that it's not about fearing man but reaching a Man!

Let's take a look at the biblical scene again. It's amazing to see how the woman pursued Jesus regardless to what others might have said about her. She was willing to push through these distractions for the purpose of reaching Jesus. It wasn't about dignity but worship! A point to learn here is that your action toward Jesus will display the condition of your heart. Heed the spoken word:

"There are many people who truly love Me but are unable to bypass the distractions on their way to Me. They are willing to listen to the voice of the enemy as well being drawn by the lust of the eyes. They do love Me, but, oh, how easy it is for distractions to overwhelm them. The enemy has met My beloved ones where they are and I see them conversing with him instead of rebuking him. My heart breaks for the love of My people. I called for watchmen to sound the alarm and many did but many didn't. Today, I'm looking for the mature to speak out to a chosen generation with power and demonstration. Come forth and teardown the wall of distraction that's enticing the will of man. My children must continue to pursue Me with a heart that is not divided."

-Frank Berry, Frank Berry Ministries